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Best Job Sites in Canada – Now is the best time to find a new job. Candidates have the upper hand as the country continues to run out of labor. Wages are rising, benefits are rising and options are becoming more attractive. Whether you’re looking for a stepping stone to a career or a dream job, you’ve probably researched for job in some sites in Canada.

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But what are the best job search sites in Canada? Are some workplaces better than others for foreigners, working parents, or job seekers researching specific fields?

To make it easier for you – and speed up the search for your perfect partner – we’ve put together the top 8 job search sites in Canada.

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A recognized coast-to-coast brand should truly be the leading job search tool for all job seekers in Canada. It acts as a “job aggregator” that combines offers from several jobs on the same platform. With around 10,000 new ads a day, you want to bookmark this online job bank and return it. Use filters to find your query, subscribe to email alerts and read employee reviews about salary, work environment, and anything else you want to know about your future employer.

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This powerful worldwide professional networking platform also serves as one of the most powerful job-search websites on the web. With abundance and reach, it is an ideal place to look for work online. LinkedIn has many features that make life easier for job seekers.

You can create your job alerts, join groups related to your industry and location, and track companies to get instant job information. And if you choose the ‘Premium’ account, you can see who is looking for your profile and increase your competition on LinkedIn for each role. Want to learn more about getting jobs through LinkedIn? Read our article.

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Workopolis is another leader in accessing leading Canadian job search websites. It offers 30,000 to 50,000 jobs in English and French. Tools include the ability to look for salaries and find jobs in nearby cities. And it’s all mobile-optimized, allowing you to search and apply for jobs on the go. Workopolis is recommended especially for disabled people who are looking for work, thanks to its user-friendly side and many opportunities for career advancement.


Monster, one of the most visited jobs on the planet, is also one of the most popular job search sites in Canada. You can easily filter your search by name and location; Mobile users will also appreciate the free app. There is a set of network boards where you can connect and view company profiles. Just upload your resume and the site will evaluate each task based on your skills and interests. There is also a free AI-powered resume review service. This smart online tool gives you an open look at how potential employers and recruiters and screening algorithms discuss your resume.

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Glassdoor not only allows you to search for thousands of jobs. It also allows you to read thousands of detailed reviews and insider tips from current and former employees. Here you will find important information about salary and benefits, company culture and recruitment process. And while some employee reviews you need to take with reservations, Glassdoor reviews can provide you with insights that can be found elsewhere. Another great feature of this job search site is that you can check your salaries to make sure you are asking for what is good for you and not too bad.


Eluta is the official job search engine for Canada’s Top 100 Employers. With more direct jobs indexed by employers than any other job search engine in Canada, you will find unreported positions that are not available anywhere else. Eluta also publishes independent editorial reviews of the working lives

of specific employers. In addition, you can find jobs with employers who are in line with your values, whether they are “the greenest employers in Canada”, “the best diversity of employers” or those who are “most family-friendly”. package. “Eluta is also passionate about privacy: it’s the only leading job search engine in Canada that doesn’t require you to log in, create an account, or provide personal information, and has no database to keep up with.

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Jobillico Canada has thousands of select employers with detailed business battles, including job offers, business news, events, photos, and videos, so users can find everything they need to know about future employers. This job search site is intuitive enough to show you messages that match your profile and automatically sends your profile to companies looking for candidates like you. Just upload your resume and let Jobillico do the hard work.

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Government of Canada Job Bank

Official working council of the Canadian government, this site has English and French versions. You can look for openness in many fields in both the private and public sectors. This online job board is great for finding government-funded jobs and apprenticeships, federal government jobs, and training courses. The ‘Workgroups’ filter helps specific groups, such as seniors, students, veterans, the disabled, and indigenous peoples, to find a good jobs. Information on salary, immigration policy, Canadian life, taxes and regulations, and more are also available. Remember: When using this worktop, you will need to email your resume directly to your employer.

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