Chevron Scholarships for Nigerian Students – NNPC Scholarship – Chevron University Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates

Chevron Scholarships for Nigerian Students – NNPC Scholarship – Chevron University Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates – Chevron university scholarship for Nigerian undergraduates is not for everybody. Do you know why? This is just because there are few subjects listed as eligible courses that is accessible with the scholarship. Your application must be prior to the listed courses before your application become valid. Check the courses below before applying for the scholarship.


Chevron University collaborated with the NNPC to provide fund for Nigerian students that are intending to proceed a higher institution program for free. This scheme is strictly for Nigerians only. It consists of postgraduate scholarship program as well, but w wish to face only the undergraduates for now. We feel obliged to inform you that only freshmen and 200 level can apply for this grant. So, the grant is from 200L down to freshmen. So, apply to enjoy a grant of up to 200,000 to 400,000.


Moreover, the range of grant to be issued to a beneficiary is dependent on the nature of their course. There are courses that are subject to high volume of grant. But the most interesting part is that you will be funded each year of your program until you have completed the program. All you need to do as a student is tot meet up with the requisites and then ensure that you are a Nigerian before you attempt an application.

Chevron Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Moreover, we feel obliged to inform you the Chevron university scholarship application portal. This portal is the official website that an application will be executed. After going through the terms and conditions, the next thing to do is to discover the application documents so that you will get them ready and then attach them to your application form during the online application.


Documents to Submit During Application

It might interest you and also necessary that every applicant ought to know the documents that must be submitted during application. This is where VisaVit comes in. We have researched and provided the documents that you MUST have handy during your online application and they onclude:

  1. Your National Identity Card :- It can be the Voter’s card, NIMC and other valid ID.
  2. More to that, your passport photograph of not more than 3 months which must be on a white background won’t be taken for granted.
  3. However, another document to include to your application is admission letter.
  4. A birth certificate that will prove your age.
  5. O’Level result of applicants.
  6. Student ID card that will prove your admission.

That said, you must be a student that has received an admission in a recognized Nigerian university before you are eligible to apply the scholarship. Either you are a first level student or a second level student.


Eligibility Criteria

Do you know the eligibility criteria set by NNPC/Chevron university scholarship grantees for great Nigerian students? It is utterly necessary for you to know all of them so as to show maximum compliance to all the criteria;

  • These students must be Nigerian students that has received an unconditional admission into any recognized Nigerian university.
  • Your application must be prior to all the eligible subjects which has been listed here for your own better understanding.
  • In the pursuit of seamless application and registration, applicants are advised to recheck their application before it is submitted.
  • If you must know, the application form which is situated at the application portal must be completely filled before an applicant attempt submission. This is because, the application submitted first concealed other ones that will be submitted later.
  • The application is free so you must comply with the application rules.


Courses Qualifications

For you to be qualified for the course accessibility, it must be your dream course that is eligible and recognizable by the Chevron University scholarship for postgraduates. As a matter of fact, the courses are mentioned below:

    • Architecture.
    • Computer Science.
    • Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy.
    • Accountancy.
    • Law.
    • Business Administration/Economics.
    • Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
    • Chemical Engineering.
    • Human Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmacy.
    • Civil Engineering.
    • Mechanical/Metallurgical & Materials Engineering.
    • Agricultural Engineering/Agricultural Science.
    • Computer Science.
    • Environmental Studies/Surveying.
    • Mass Communication/Journalism.
    • Petroleum Engineering.
    • Geology/Geophysics.

A student that is applying the scholarship while having another subject totally different from these mentioned above, is ineligible for application. At this point, let’s divert to how to do Chevron university scholarship for Nigerian undergraduates application.


Chevron University Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduates

Luckily, the application is simple and can be conducted by any student that met with all the requisites. So, if you happen to be a student that studied and shown compliance to all the rules, this section is for you.

  • Open your web browser to log onto
  • Signup an account and verify the account afterwards.
  • Upload the documents shown accordingly and then attach them to your application form.
  • Fill the form with all sincerity and follow the onscreen instruction to complete the application.

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