Clash Mini Download – Download the Clash Mini Game On iPhone

Clash Mini Download – Download the Clash Mini Game On iPhone – Suppose you are familiar with Military operations, whereby they plan and conduct War. Clash Mini is a game of action that allows you to participate in battles displaying notable characters from the Clash universe.

However, in clash mini, you’ll find smaller types of warriors for you to place around different fields on the screen. Clash Mini Download iOS 9 Easy Steps to download Clash Mini on iOS.

Clash Mini is a reminder of chess and board games. In this case, different characters are represented, and you need to position each of these minor characters on the grid wisely to scale through each zone of battles.


Players have to strategically place all their team members on board to defeat their rivals by planning a line of attack and defense at the same time.  When the position of all warriors is marked, you can then tap the combat button to see if your preferred strategy is successful.

Being successful at this strengthens your circle of heroes, and subsequently, you’re able to defeat every other player around the world. As you continue to play clash mini, you can unlock more moves, attacks, and resources to help you win each level.

Clash Mini is designed in 3D from a top-down view, which gives a better position of playing your game and concentrating more on destroying the opponent.


How to Download Clash Mini on iOS.

Clash Mini is available to restricted countries like; Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Canada. So if you are a resident of this country, it’s way easier to download on your App store and enjoy playing the Clash Mini game.

But if not, you can use VPN if you’re very much interested in playing the game. The steps below should help you download the Clash Mini game on your iOS.

Step 1: Open your App store, click on your profile on the top right corner, click on your account, and then your account name.

Step 2: You’ll see the country slash region on your screen. Click on that option, and you’ll get to see a change in country or region. Next, go to the area of your Apple ID to the part that is in clash mini. i.e., Finland or Canada.

Step 3: Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: It will ask for a payment method, and you don’t want to disclose the details of your credit card or mobile number. You can fill it up with none because of simplicity’s sake.

Step 5: The next is to provide an address from the selected country. What you have to do is on the address part. You can google any address in the region chosen. I.e., McDonald’s in Canada and use their address.

Step 6: Put in Your phone number and select done.

Step 7: You’ll get a notification informing you of your change in the region.

Step 8: Reset your App Store. Open your App Store, type, and search clash mini download.

Step 9: Download Clash mini and have fun playing your clash mini on your iPhone.


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