FaceTime for PC – Download Facetime For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) – Features of Facetime for PC

FaceTime for PC – Download Facetime For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) – Features of Facetime for PC – Are you looking for the BEST and FREE voice/ video calling application for your PC? or to be specific, Are you looking to download and use Facetime on Windows PC? If yes, then I’ll say you…

FaceTime for PC – Download Facetime For PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) – Features of Facetime for PC – Are you looking for the BEST and FREE voice/ video calling application for your PC? or to be specific, Are you looking to download and use Facetime on Windows PC? If yes, then I’ll say you have reached to the right place.

In today’s post, we will explain a very simple method to get Apple’s voice/ video calling app FaceTime for PC!

We will also be sharing very close alternatives for FaceTime.

Although FaceTime is an Apple exclusive app but with the tweaks and workarounds that we are going to share in this post today, you can download this beautiful app for Windows PC as well.

FaceTime is one of the oldest voice and video calling app developed by Apple Inc in 2010 when Steve Jobs was leading the company.

It is available for iOS and Macintosh devices that have the latest version of operating system installed.

We will be explaining more than one method to download FaceTime for Windows PC and you can choose the once which you like the most.

Moreover, in case one method doesn’t work, the other will do the job. Stay tuned.

The best way to get FaceTime for Windows PC is via BlueStacks Android Emulator.

However, we can use other android emulators as well such as Andyroid, Youwave etc.


Why Should You Download Facetime for PC?

FaceTime allows you to make unlimited Voice as well Video calls to your friends and colleagues via this application.

The video and voice quality of FaceTime app is pretty good and the so called “alternatives” don’t offer such great quality. Hence, it becomes a necessity to get the FaceTime app.

However, since its available only for the devices that run iOS and Mac operating system only, it restricts others operating system users such as Windows from using this beautiful app.

Ofcourse it makes sense Windows and iOS are two different operating systems and any application which is made for a particular operating system wouldn’t work with other because both the operating system uses different technology.

However, there are workarounds as I said before by which you can download and use FaceTime for PC Windows in few simple steps.

FaceTime app works with the devices that have Internet-enabled and has a front camera in case the user needs to make a video call.

Making calls through Mobile carrier could result in huge charges that FaceTime can avoid.

Moreover, if you get FaceTime for PC, you will have a bigger screen for Video which is more convenient.

FaceTime could be a very good great alternative if you have to make lots of calls to someone’s mobile phone who is living in other countries than yours.

Making international calls through the mobile carrier is pretty expensive. Moreover, the mobile carrier would only allow voice calls but the later gives you choice to make a video call at NO COST (assuming you have an unlimited internet connection)


Features of Facetime for PC

FaceTime for PC

There are plenty of amazing features that make FaceTime one of the best choices for making voice/video calls.

FaceTime has some of the really cool features that I’m listing down below:

  • Make free Voice Calls.
  • Make free Video Calls.
  • Automatically detect contacts to make facetime calls to.
  • Review your past calls quickly.
  • HD video calls at 720p
  • Elegant design.
  • Very simple to use because of a simple user interface.
  • Notification on PC when someone calls.
  • Avoid charges that you would otherwise incur on making calls via a mobile carrier.


Steps to Download Facetime For PC:

The process of downloading FaceTime for PC Windows is quite simple. Anyone without technical knowledge can download and install FaceTime for PC windows. Follow below steps:

Step:1– Open browser and search for BlueStacks 2. Or simply Click here

Step:2– Download BlueStacks and install by double clicking set up file.

Step:3– Go to the browser and search for FaceTime apk on Google. Download FaceTime Apk file.

Step:4– Open BlueStacks and click “apk” from the left-hand side menu.

Step:5– Locate FaceTime apk file you have downloaded in step 3.

Step:6– Let the installation complete. Once the installation is completed, you will see FaceTime shortcut on BlueStacks home screen.

Congrats! You can now make free FaceTime calls to your friends.

See other Alternatives Of Facetime

In case you aren’t able to download FaceTime for PC due to any reason, there are quite a few alternatives to FaceTime.

All the alternatives that we are doing to discuss in this article are very close competitors and have almost similar features like FaceTime.


One of the best alternatives of FaceTime app in our list is Periscope. This app is owned by one of the biggest social media giant- Twitter, that gives us assurance that its a good alternative.

We tested Periscope to learn the quality of voice and video calls and found it pretty much satisfying.



Another app in our list of FaceTime alternatives is Viber. Viber is one of the oldest FREE voice/ video calling app that offers great video and voice quality.

The app has been downloaded several million times altogether from major app stores. In case, FaceTime doesn’t work for you, get Viber!



When it comes to making audio/video calls, we hardly find anyone who doesn’t know about Skype. Skype is owned by Microsoft and the company is continuously improving the quality of voice/video. Skype is the FIRST such app that allows users to make calls over the internet.


Google Hangout

Google Hangout is yet another great alternative of Apple-exclusive FaceTime app and not available for other platforms, be it Windows or Android. The quality of Audio and video calls that you make through Google handout has been improved a lot in the past and it can be used if FaceTime doesn’t work for anyone.

Hope you find this platform useful.

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