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imo App free chat calls – imo App on iOS – iOS imo App – Download imo App on iOS – imo app has been made available and can now be easy to download and install in iOS devices. You can use the app to have a chat conversation with your family and friends and also be able to give them voice calls and video calls. You don’t need to worry about how you can download and install the imo app in your iOS device because this article will give you the necessary steps on how to do that.


The imo app supports many languages such as Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Bulgarian, Danish, German, Greek, French, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesia, Norwegian, Bokmal, Malay, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Thai, Hindi, Traditional Chinese, Swedish and of course English.

The imo app is among the best messaging apps for iOS devices that you can make use of every day.

To download and install the imo app in your iOS device is very easy and simple and you can do that with the help of your iOS store because the app has officially been made available in the store. You just need your working 4G network or you can do that with a Wi-Fi internet connection.


There are some amazing features that came with the imo App on iOS devices, these features include:

  • The voice call and video call experience are very fast and smooth
  • You can actually search for your old chats whenever you want from the chat history
  • The Imo app works with all iOS devices.
  • Your chats and calls are encrypted; therefore, you do not need to worry about your privacy
  • As a user, you will enjoy the app because it is very fast and smooth to use
  • You will get notifications when you receive messages and calls.


imo App on iOS – How to Download and Install the imo App in iOS

  • To download and install the app, open your store in your device
  • Type in IMO in the search box and click on the search button
  • Click on the Imo app from the list of apps that will be displayed
  • On the next page that will display, click on the install button and allow the app to download and install on your device.
  • After the app has successfully downloaded and installed in your device, you can then click it open to sign up.
  • Enter all the details required for signing up for the account.

With this you have successfully downloaded the Imo app to your iOS device, you can then start messaging and calling your friends.


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