Instagram photo downloader chrome – Instagram Photo and Video Downloader for Chrome Browser

Instagram photo downloader chrome – Instagram Photo and Video Downloader for Chrome Browser – Looking for Instagram photo downloader Chrome? If yes, you can get access to more than one amazing Instagram video downloader for Chrome browser.

Instagram exists as one of the major social media websites on the internet owned by Facebook. It began as a platform for sharing pictures and has now evolved into a social media platform with all sorts of media including even videos. Instagram hosts some amazing videos. However, it is not possible to download them to your device. But the good news is that with Instagram downloader chrome software, downloading Instagram videos and photos is made easy.

With a good Instagram photo downloader chrome, you have a new advanced tool for downloading photos and video from Instagram to your PC. Most of these tools support downloading stories and bulk downloading photos or videos. You can easily check out new powerful technologies and level-up your user experience with Instagram.


Features of Instagram Photo Downloader Chrome

With an Instagram photo downloader chrome, you can do the following:

  • Download any photo or video from Instagram with just a single click of a button. You can either select any video or photo to download or use the super handy and time-saving feature of bulk download to save yourself the stress.
  • Download favorite photos or video from any other website with Instagram embedded media.
  • You can now save any story you like and want to your PC and enjoy watching it any time that you want. With this new feature, you can download video or photo from stories in one single click. You don’t have to miss stories or news; you can easily save them and watch anytime later.
  • With the bulk downloading feature offered by some Instagram downloader tools, you can download many photos or videos from Instagram at a time. You don’t necessarily need to scroll down and click on the Download button on every single photo. Simply click on “Bulk Download” and select the number of photos/videos you want to get, or Download all of them.

The Instagram downloader chrome extension software and Instagram video downloader chrome applications work perfectly well when it comes to downloading videos. Here, we are going to show you the best three Instagram photo downloader chrome extensions that you can choose from. Let’s get started:


Instagram Photo Downloader Chrome

Image and Video Downloader

The Image and Video Downloader tool can be used in downloading videos and photos from Instagram with ease. To use this tool:

  • Add this extension to your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Once you are ready to download a photo, just right click on it.
  • A pink “save” button will pop up in the menu.
  • You can click on it to download the image.
  • If you want to download a video, start by playing it, then right click on it to download it.


Video Downloader for IW

The Video Downloader for IW is another Instagram video download tool offered on Google Chrome Web Store by Muyor. Installing this tool is quite similar to adding an extension to your browser. However, this tool is not a standalone package, rather it works with Chrome to help you download videos.

After the extension has been added to your browser, it will display a little download icon on the top left corner of the video you are playing on Instagram. Once you click on it, the video will be downloaded and saved to your default download location.

Note, however, that this tool is Instagram-specific and won’t work for other sites. This tool also does not offer an option of downloading in MP3 format.


Downloader for Instagram

Downloader for Instagram is developed by This tool boasts of being able to download photos, images, stories, as well as videos from Instagram. It is quite a simple and easy tool to use. It does the job of downloading right even though it does not offer a lot of flexibility. You also won’t get the option of converting and downloading in audio formats like MP3.

Apart from these three amazing Instagram downloader tools mentioned here, there are other tools available in the market that can help you download Instagram as well as IGTV videos to your device.

Instagram still remains one of the best when it comes to the leading social media platforms that host a lot of pictures and videos. Understand however that you can only access Instagram video and photos available on it while you are online.

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