Metaverse Crypto Coins – Top Metaverse Crypto Coins – Most Popular Tokens of Metaverse

Metaverse Crypto Coins – Top Metaverse Crypto Coins – Most Popular Tokens of Metaverse – Metaverse crypto coins have become hugely popular after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a picture of himself alongside the logo of the rebranded Facebook meta. In recent weeks the metaverse has gained immediate global attention due to the focus on the Facebook name change; the company looks to leverage its social network and combine it with its own virtual reality technology;  metaverse crypto coins are not massively different from other cryptocurrencies, they are attached to the same industry but function in different ways, some like Axie infinity, axie infinity works as a web-based game where you can buy creatures to fight an earn, there several other metaverse crypto bound that are also making headlines and we will be discussing them, if you are looking to invest in the metaverse coin, here are top metaverse Coin you should consider.


What Is Metaverse

Metaverse refers to the second version of the internet; metaverse allows you to live, work, and earn money in completely virtual environments. The metaverse allows users to interact with things virtually that resemble the real world, for instance, daily communicating and playing video games. The term metaverse originated from the science fiction novel titled snow crash by Neal Stephenson meta is derived from. The word meta means beyond, and verse from the word universe.


Metaverse Coin

Metaverse coins are coins related to meta that are either planned for the feature or currently have metaverse; these coins are mainly used as an exchange in the metaverse economy; they offer governance and economic incentives from the project they are part of.

Meta verse is pretty big, and they boast deep liquidity; this means that they at accessible to buy and sell on a reputable exchange. This is good for users because the coins can be bought more efficiently and at a lower cost.


Below are some of the most popular tokens of metaverse:


Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual reality platform where users can purchase plots of digital real estate called “LAND”.

You can later travel through, build upon, and monetize the plots you buy, according to the Decentraland Foundation, the organization behind the tech.

You buy LAND using MANA, Decentraland’s in-game cryptocurrency token.


As well as LAND, you can use the currency to pay for in-world goods and services.


Enjin is a blockchain gaming platform built on the Ethereum Network, designing / creating digital collectible items. Enjin (ENJ) was made on the Ethereum blockchain and came to existence through an ICO that raised $18.9 million in late 2017.

Axie Infinity

Axie is a crypto game that is quite similar to a Pokémon style game in which players raise, battle, and trade cute NFT pets called Axies—founded by Sky Mavis, who launched the game in. In August 2021, the game had around 1 million daily players.


Sandbox is a project in the Ethereum metaverse in the gaming ecosystem. Where you can create, share, and monetize assets and games. Similar to Decentraland but this project appeals more to a younger audience. The sand was recently invested in one of the world’s largest technology investors, soft bank.

The Sandbox is co-owned by blockchain gaming developer Animoca Brands, which is based in Hong Kong.


Its token, SAND, has a market cap of over $2billion.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based gaming metaverse built using the Solana Blockchain. The decentralized game is powered by real-time graphics, DeFi, and multiplayer gaming, allowing for hyper-realistic and interactive gameplay.


Aurory is an inspiration from Axie, and it is a play-to-earn game; it is actively being built using the Solana blockchain. It has a goal to build a game that helps users earn more from playing games and a helping most people enjoy technology in a fun way


It is a crypto collectibles game built on the Ethereum network where participants can create their own very ghost avatars as NFTs and interact with the Aavegotchi digital universe.

If you are looking to invest in a metaverse, then you should look into this coin mentioned, rumour has it that the metaverse coin will overtake Ethereum in the crypto market you can start by marking researches on each metaverse coin to find the perfect one for your investment.


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