Netflix Cancel Subscription – How To Cancel Netflix

Netflix Cancel Subscription – How To Cancel Netflix – Netflix has in recent times become one of the most successful streaming platforms used by a lot of families and individuals, actually some people categorize their Netflix subscription as one of their basic expenses. Although the company isn’t new in streaming services, it’s also no surprise that they have mastered what the viewers want to see.

As much as several people are stuck on Netflix, there are also some people who may want to quit using the service for reasons best known to them. It could be because of the cost of subscription, the influence of the content, or some unpopular reason. Whatever your reason for canceling your Netflix subscription, we’ve compiled the steps you need to take to cancel.


However, there are two things to note when you want to cancel your Netflix subscription. The first is that deleting your Netflix profile or account doesn’t mean you have automatically canceled your Netflix subscription, especially if you’re using a third-party provider for your Netflix subscription and your billing is on auto-renewal, read on to get more information.

Netflix Cancel Subscription

Secondly, you would have to unsubscribe through the channel which you subscribed or signed up for your Netflix subscription, for example, if you subscribed via T-Mobile, then you would have to go through the cancellation process from your T-Mobile account, same applies accordingly if you subscribed via iTunes or via the official Netflix website.


If You Subscribed Via T-Mobile

Open the T-Mobile website on your computer or smartphone, sign into your T-Mobile account, navigate and click on “Manage Add-ons”, on the loaded page, navigate to “Services” and uncheck the Netflix subscription that you’re currently using. A pop-up would appear next, click on “Continue Removal”.

Navigate to the end of the current page and click on “Continue”. This action will completely cancel your Netflix subscription payment via the T-Mobile service, stopping auto-billing though you would still have access to use the service for the remaining period of validity.


If You Subscribed Via iTunes

Go to your settings either on your iPhone or iPad. Find and tap on your “iTunes & App Store”, Next tap on your name or identification, next tap on “View Apple ID”, next tap on “Subscriptions”, tap on “Netflix”, Tap on “Cancel Subscription” and tap on “Confirm”. This would automatically cancel your Netflix subscription.


If You Subscribed Via the Official Website

Go to the official Netflix website, log into your account, select your profile icon, beside the notification bell at the right part of your screen. In the drop-down list, click on “Account”, On the account page, under “Membership and billing “, click on “Cancel Membership”. On the next page, click on “Finish cancellation” and your next billing would be canceled.

Hope you find this platform useful.

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