Talky Free Sign up – Online Talky Video Chat

Talky Free Sign up – Online Talky Video Chat and talky app download have been explained on this post. Follow this step by step instructions to get started.

Talky is a simple video chatting platform developed by Talky inc. This platform allows people to chat with up to 15 persons at a time without having to go through any signup processes.

Talky Signup Tips

Talky is a simple alternative to hangout and zoom. If you are looking for a platform that you can use within one click then talky is best. You don’t need to register with your details, all you need is the name of the room you want to create then you are good to go. Participant to the room only need the URL to the room to join up

Talky is free to use and it can be accessed through browsers only. A mobile app is yet to be developed for this platform.


Features and Benefits of Talky

Talky’s feature is not much unlike other videoconferencing platforms. this is made it easy to use even to a newbie. Here are the features

  • You don’t need to download anything to use the platform
  • it is free to use
  • you can video chat with up to 15 persons in a video chat.
  • no signup or login process before you can use the platform
  • you can share screens with anyone you are chatting with
  • chatting rooms can be locked
  • conversations are encrypted
  • you can play games while waiting or others to join

Talky Signup for Video Meeting

talky app

talky is one of the simplest video platforms to use on the internet. All you need to have is a browser that supports WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) like chrome, firefox, safari, opera and edge.

NOTE: screen-sharing feature is only available on google chrome and firefox.


Creating a Chatroom

If you want to host a chat room, you must be the one to create the room while other participants will join up with the URL to the room

Here is how to create a chat room

  • visit on any of the supported browsers
  • enter the name of the chat room in the box below talky logo
  • Click on “start a chat”
  • allow camera and microphone access by clicking on “allow camera access” and “allow microphone access” respectively.
  • Click on “join call” once you are done.


How to invite friends to your  chatroom

You need to invite people into your chatroom before you can start a conversation as talky has no database where you can search for friends. Here is how to invite friends:

  • Create a chatroom
  • Copy the URL ( to your chatroom from the address bar or by clicking “invite”
  • Send the URL to the room  to your friends you want to have the conversation with
  • You can start chatting

Talky also provide fun filled games like BrowserBall and SpaceWars that users can play while waiting for participants.

Get started with Talky Signup and starting an amazing time doing your conference calls.


Hope you find this platform useful.

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