University of Twente Scholarships Application – University Twente Scholarship – University of Twente (Netherlands) Masters Scholarships

University of Twente Scholarships Application – University Twente Scholarship – University of Twente (Netherlands) Masters Scholarships – University of Twente scholarships application form grants the opportunity for international students to apply this ongoing Master’s scholarship to study in Netherlands for advancement in any of the listed eligible subjects. This training will help you to face your career without shaky nature.


You want University of Twente scholarships application form to make your interest known to the scholarship organizers. We are not hindering you from engaging in such but let it occur to you that there subjects available to be accessed with this scholarship. Check them;

  • Civil Engineering.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Philosophy.
  • Applied Physics.
  • Business Information Technology.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Communication Sciences.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
  • Sustainable Energy Development.
  • Computer Science.
  • Industrial Design Engineering.
  • Construction Management
  • Psychology
  • Educational Technologies
  • Industrial Engineering.
  • Health Sciences.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Public Administration.
  • Applied Sciences.


Moreover, before you are qualified to apply for the field of subjects listed above, it must be the field of study you understudied in your Bachelor’s level. Above all, international students demanding for the University of Twente scholarships application form ought to know how to speak English since this is an English taught program. The English proficiency test of the applicant intending to be a beneficiary must be demonstrated during application by including it to the application form.


Moreover, only Master’s level are recognizable. Any other level of academic not related to Masters is highly ineligible so take note of that. However, our applicants shouldn’t exceed 35 years of age. Our age requirement describes that students expecting to further their program with this scheme will not exceed the shown age. Therefore, take note of all prerequisites so that you will meet them and then apply properly.

University Twente Scholarship

Place of Study

Netherlands is the country that international students will undergo their program. Precisely, University of Twente is the university responsible for undertaking and accommodating these diverse students from diverse localities.


Qualified Level of Study

Master’s applicants will leverage the grant amount which ranges from €3,000 – €22,000 throughout that 2 years programme. However, it might interest you to know that all the constituencies are qualified for their students to startup this program.

Meanwhile, there are requirements addressed to international applicants. It is after due study that you will have idea of all the requirements that international students are demanded to meet up with.


Eligibility Criteria

Before you are qualified to apply University of Twente scholarship in Netherlands for international students, below are all the criteria to meet up with:

  1. Applicants must have applied and admitted to one of the listed Master’s subject. More so, the subject you applied to must correspond to your Bachelor’s programme.
  2. Additionally, your English proficiency test is also another document that will not be taken for granted. So, you must undergo either the IELTS OR TOEFL online and attach the document to your application form.
  3. Your student number must be ready because it will unlock the application portal for you.
  4. Do you know that the deadline for first section is 15th October 2020? You cannot apply any other effective application since days has exceeded. That means, you have the opportunity to apply only on 1st May 2021.
  5. As an applicant, you must comply with indicated terms and conditions for receiving a Netherlands student visa.
  6. Above all, application letter is what you need first. So, apply to University of Twente Master’s program provided that you are an international applicant. The number given to you as a student will now be useful for login.


University of Twente Scholarships Application Form

The only vital role to play now is to discover the page that you can download University of Twente Scholarships Application Form. Once you get the application form downloaded, applying for your preferred study will be as simple as ABCD. Moreover, ensure that you are already admitted to your study concentration before the scholarship application. I believe that the application form is very easy to discover. So, log onto to login with your student number.

You can now start and complete the application promptly as you have met with all the requirements. Furthermore, do not leave this page without asking questions where you seem confused. The comment box is open for clarifications and contributions.

Give us your feedback. Your opinions are highly welcome.

Hope you find this platform useful.

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